Monday, August 27, 2012

What Preceeded the Coffee Break

All I wanted was a coffee break, and this is how the phone was answered:

"Hey, crazy."

I should have anticipated this. Mark is the bizarre, friendly clown in our shift's daily circus.
But I hadn't anticipated. So I wasn't armed with any sort of witticism, and all I could hurl back was a "WHO is the crazy one?"

(In monotone): "You are."

"No, Mark. That's called 'projection'."

"No, Becca. I'm not projecting." Still the patient monotone.

"So you're subconsciously projecting?"

Long pause.
"You know, Hitler was a VERY BAD MAN."

"Yay! Godwin'd. Now may I have a coffee break?"

Strange humor we have around these parts. This is a mild sample, but it's a rather monumental sample. For once... alright, for the FIRST time... Mark's was the long silence. Not mine. So I documented it, in the likely event that it won't happen again.

Celebrate your life and your people this week. Cram in lots of laughter.

(Even if you're more often the one laughing at wittier people's jokes.)