Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Dryers and Vacation Have in Common

Inside the door of the dryer at work is a fabulous sticker. "Dryer must be exhausted outdoors." Of course it it referring to the hose disappearing into the wall, but a great mental picture of the dryer running a mile on metal legs under a blazing sun makes me snort with laughter every time I heave wet clothes into its cavernous mouth.

People have been asking me why I stopped blogging. The answer is this: I was in a funk. This sort of funk felt a little bit cozy. Just quietly feeling and living without any words to put to it. It also felt a mite exhausted and in need of being, like the dryer, exhausted outdoors.

A reunion of the Fab Five cured me.

Huge changes have charged at us at a dizzying speed since we were celebrating sweet sixteen, but our friendship has been a grounding constant. Just BEING together is refreshing, but being together in Ocean City was idyllic. Since Julie's wee wittle one just arrived, she opted out... but we stopped and saw her anyhow. :)

Upon arriving at our motel, we immediately unpacked and otherwise got organized. True sign we might be grown up. Janelle's darling Katie, with her smiles and bottles and diapers, was another good indication.

That's me with Janelle and Katie at Dumser's restaurant. If you're ever in Ocean City, go directly to Dumser's and order an orange ice cream soda. You can thank me later.

We discussed everything from abortion to how cool gummy monkeys look when held up against the sun and blue sky while lying on the beach. (Alright, that was mostly me. Bessie just laughed at me and kept writing her husband's name in the sand.)

We adventured about town, ate so well that my gut actually protruded a little by the end, and did some serious relaxing on the beach and boardwalk. As someone said, it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun if we lived like that all the time. But we're a pretty ambitious lot and, as a result, enjoyed it immensely.

With three vacation days and one shift being the campus gopher... a few hours on Shelter, then a few on the boys' unit while they woke up, then back to Shelter because their male staff was very unused to girls who are freaking out because of tiny bug bites on their arms and "not having ANYTHING to wear!!" (yes, teen girls are pretty much universally the same), then to another unit to do med pass because they didn't have any med-trained staff on the unit... I wasn't on "my" unit for four days. They were as glad to see me as I was them. My 17-year-old yelled, "Becky! I missed you so freakin' much!" and hugged me. Twice.

In the dull roar of a unit of 13 girls, four of whom are new and needed extra attention to get through the morning, two of my 13-year-olds were not doing their chores. My reminder was met with some attitude from D. I was like, "what's with you?" and she said, "Well, you been gone for so long!" Accusation and vulnerability interchanged in her tone and I realized she needed some reassurance.

"I know. And I missed you guys!"
P. interrupted with, "D., why you talking like that to Becky? It's BECKY."
D. waved her off. "You don't understand. Becky LOVE me, like."
"I sure do! Very much." I replied.
And that must have been what she needed to hear because she jumped off the table where she'd been sitting and proceeded to have an incredible morning... as responsible and respectful as you please.

It's so good to have energy for this again!

Monday, May 9, 2011

opening shop!

My etsy shop is up and running! I have more projects that are nearing completion and should be posted soon, so check back... Also, if you want prints of art pieces that are listed as originals (or vice versa), let me know! 

Here are two new additions:

This is all so vulnerable and exciting...

Monday, May 2, 2011

the joys of spray paint and of sisters

This is the story of a lamp. After having no luck finding a lamp at the thrift stores I haunt, I bought a rather ugly one at Big Lots for $15. Seriously, it was so ugly that I didn't even take a picture of it. But the shape was partially interesting and I thought that, with a new shade and a few coats of spray paint, it would be fine. Then, a week later, I found this sweetie at Salvation Army.

The price? $3

I returned the ugly steplamp to Big Lots, very glad that I hadn't had time to tackle that project. Now I hope I learned that good things really do come to those who wait. :)

I'm infatuated with diversity in decor. Rustic with ornate and modern lines paired with more natural elements. After some primer and Painter's Touch spray paint in "paprika", here she is:

This is an end table beside the couch, and I wanted something that would match the red-orange in the artwork above the couch. 

And yes, the fat birds migrated from the coffee table to the end table.

This was another thrift store find. I loved the design, but the imitation milk glass had ugly gray hair lines through it. 

Spray paint means it won't be used for food again, but how cute will it be when filled with white peonies? For now, pussywillows suffice. :)

I used to use basic, neutral colors... I think spring has intoxicated me with bold accents of COLOR.

Those forsythias were a cool reminder that God really does care about "insignificant" details. I had wanted some, and Carla (without knowing I had) gave me a huge armful. You're a wonderful neighbor, Carla!

A week ago, I was with my darling sisters.

In fact, I got to spend time with all of them but Abby, my older sister. After spending two days giving swing rides, playing games, reading Tolkien aloud, going shopping, and making breakfasts (of which Kelsey, the youngest, said she had "many feedings") and curling up together on the couch to watch movies like "Horton Hears a Who"... I literally cried when I pulled out of the driveway and started the long trek home. The hardest part of growing up and following dreams is being apart from those you love most.