Tuesday, November 25, 2008

winter solace

walking alone in a transforming land
grateful i am and wishing i wasn't
with only the silence to hear the words
breathed into an empty left hand

one set of footprints follows behind me
only my face upturned to the sky
while only my voice sings praise to Yahweh
only the trees reach out to guide me

but the snowflakes kiss my face and hair
the elven-carved icicles dance with lights
the chipmunks are fast asleep far underground
the trees all white, lacy bridal veils wear

and i am not disconsolate


Barbara said...

very beautiful, dear. you have such a way with words!
lova ya

Bekah said...

I love it, Becca! I love when stuff like this makes me think deeply. (and we all know how rare that is! :P )