Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Plea for Inhabitation

Hail, Jesus!
May Your Kingdom come
Through the habitation
Of your blessed Spirit
In the remains of ours
Though we wonder that
Robust wine
Could contain itself
In shattered goblets

We use Your Name
To defeat Your purpose
Take Your scepter of Love
To wield as a club
Bow down to ourselves
As we call on Your power

Let Your Kingdom come!
Spring up within us
Renewing Water!
We nauseate ourselves
With our stagnant scum


Rosanne said...

Amen. How well you put it into words.
My heart especially resonated with the last stanza. Why am I content with that stagnant scum when Living Water is offered to me each day? Thanks for showing my horrid complacency for what it is. And thanks for your comment...I do feel God honoring that prayer. God bless your day :)

Rosina said...

...and i wish you wouldn't live so far awaaaaay!