Friday, May 15, 2009

happy things

  • [happy thing #1] Julie, Laura, and I went on a jaunty galavant last evening, doing a photoshoot in Meadville for their graduation pictures. I rediscovered how much I love photography... and how much practice I need. Hmmm... maybe when I'm big I can afford a Canon Rebel like the one Lisa so graciously loaned me for the evening. :) I'm not a pro, but we had fun.
  • [happy thing #2] I made a grand discovery: . They offer metallic paper for prints, cool things like gallery wraps, photobooks... amazing quality for meager prices. I will definitely be using them again.
  • [happy thing #3] Almost every Saturday, on my explorations of Meadville, I buy flowers from a lady who sets up a stand by the Market. Meadville is such a romantic town, pardon my sentimentality. In two words, shabby grandeur. Cobbled streets, trees, old buildings regally wearing the tatters of their previous glory, wrought-iron streetlights... I am going to leave a piece of my soul in Meadville when I go home. (But I was talking about happy things, right?) One of the pussy-willow branches I bought a few weeks ago has rooted! I'll have to pot it until I have a place to plant it, but I have always wanted a pussy-willow tree. Happiness and excitement. :)
  • [happy thing #4] This evening, the students and volunteers who are NOT deserting FB for the weekend are going up to Erie to play sand volleyball, watch the sun go down, and revel in God's amazingness.
  • [happy thing #5] Tomorrow I am going to Ohio with Bekah and Lisa in a desperate attempt to spend as much time together as possible before we part... and in the afternoon I am planning on meeting with T. Alan Kirk, a local artist whom I have come to greatly admire. These websites offer a small taste of what he does: and .
  • [happy thing #6] Tim has offered me the dream-come-true opportunity of having my own art show in July, so we're meeting to formulate a publicity profile the event. I can still hardly believe I'm doing this!! A big shout-out to God for making this happen and to my friends who have more than encouraged me every step of the way! :D One of these days, I want to scan some of my drawings and post them on here for your criticism. Oh, and Jemglyn has told me what she did about her dilemma, so I shall have plenty of blog fodder...
My heart is so full.


Barbara said...

Go Becca!

Carla said...

That first picture of Laura with her hands together is extra lovely. I'm encouraged to hear your praise of Meadville. I love this town, but can get bogged down in the shabbiness and the depression that lies behind the mess. I didn't know you draw. Would love to see your work.

Rosalie said...

I love this post! Your happiness makes me happy too. I wish I could hang out with you this weekend, and I wish I could see your art show. Cheers!