Thursday, June 4, 2009


The front office is cleaned and devoid of any evidence I ever inhabited it. My dorm room is nearing the same state. My car is a bonanza of books, clothes, plants, artwork, and even the Eiffel Tower. ;) I am so ready to be back in the city. So many places wait to be revisited, so many people with whom to be reunited... and yet I leave so much behind. I already miss the dear people who made my stay here at Faith Builders so beautiful and my life so rich. Life is change and change is life, a constant ebb and flow of joys and losses. Thank you, Father, for both.


Carla said...

Lancaster needs your light! But, oh sister, we will miss it here!

Anonymous said...

i'm jealous that you get to go back home. so many places i wish to revisit too.
i remember to what it's like to leave a place like FB and close that chapter in your life knowing that things will never be the same.

Becca said...

aw! thanks for your comments carla & evie! i'm still in the re-adjusting stage, and your kindness means a lot!

Sandra Ramos said...

i know what you mean by changes. the older I grow, the more I am surrounded by them. i hate them, yet i give them credit for my growing appreciation of what heaven will be like... and how faithful God is through times like these!