Monday, January 4, 2010

Jemglyn, the Spider (Part 2)

The sun was as high in the sky as it always was at noon. Jemglyn perched on the web she has repaired that morning as she had watched it climb. A fly droned about, and Jemglyn turned her gaze from the sun. The fly hovered momentarily before Jemglyn's eyes, its translucent wings tattooing the tepid air. Instead of the hunger she expected to feel at the sight of the fly, Bweakulb, who had been more silent than usual for the previous week... or two... (Jemglyn wasn't sure which) arose somewhere in Jemglyn's abdomen. Jemglyn involuntarily did something that had never been done in all the history of spider-kind. She raised her eyes, and met those of the fly. Mirrored in their multi-faceted iridescence, Jemglyn knew. She knew what Bweakulb had been trying to tell her since she was old enough to put a name to him.

Jemglyn dropped her gaze to her web. She thought she should be relieved to have discovered why she loathed it, but the gravity of the revelation hit her like the raindrops from which spiders always take refuge for fear of being knocked from their webs. A fitting analogy, she thought. Beautiful, earth-renewing, and yet powerful enough to completely alter the happenings of one's day. Somehow, Jemglyn knew that possessing her discovery would require more energy than did the long trek back to her web after being shot to the ground by a diamond raindrop.  

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