Friday, April 23, 2010

earth day

so i was going to do something really cool to celebrate earth day.

i smiled at all my little tomato, zinnia, daisy, poppy, oregano, basil, and parsley babies growing at my window. and poked at the pepper seeds which have germinated but have yet to show their faces. wait, i do that every day.

i stopped at goodwill and brought home a huge wooden serving tray (for $1.97, i might add), two picture frames, and a small mirror. see? instead of buying things new, i upcycle them. oh. true dat. i do that a lot, too. the spray paint i used on everything couldn't have been just super for air quality, either. (but it was fun spreading newspapers on the dark, quiet sidewalk and spraying the last coats in my bare feet under the street light. even though my neighbor three houses down stood at his door and regarded me strangely.)


TODAY will be my earth day. i finally found one of these on craigslist: [!]
no fossil fuels or air (or noise) pollution required to mow my little lawn. i won't mention the fact that not having to worry about the engine having obscure problems is somewhat of a relief. there. won't even have to talk about it. driving half an hour to pick up something you bought for $20 that retails at $75 is permissible in observing earth day. 



Anonymous said...

be sure and let us know what you think of your new toy after you use it! rmn

Becca said...

ok, i'll try to remember! :)