Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blood runs thicker

My favorite thing about the past week was most definitely
having two of my not-so-little-anymore sisters visit me.

I may live clear across the state from them.
My life may be full of other responsibilities and people.
And I do love my life
And the people in it
But the fact remains that
Blood runs thicker than anything else.


Verda said...

You said it so well, Becca. Instead of just saying, "My sisters are awesome" which is so cliché. You said, "Blood runs thicker than anything else." May I borrow that phrase?

Becca said...

But of course, Verda! It might not be original with me, either. I might have read it in a book somewhere. I might not remember where. :)

Ryan Zook said...

Garth Brooks sang, "Love is thicker than blood." Which, of course, hardly diminishes the connection... It was great to have you and your sisters there last evening!