Friday, March 18, 2011

new green growy things

The very air is heavy with life. Breathing it in sends energy searing to your fingertips.
After a beautiful but loooong winter, buried under (barely miniature) mountain ranges of snow, green growy things are everywhere.

Feast your eyes, people.

This is my indoor peace lily who, after four years of living with me, has decided she is ready to bloom.

These are the snowdrops that came up in my flowerbed before the last snowfall and lived to tell the tale.

And THIS is the happily unsightly corner of my living room. I wish I had a grow light, but a sunny window works, too. A very blissful hour was spent yesterday by a very happy Becca planting seeds outside in the sun. Barefoot. If the magic of earth, seed, sun, and water works, I'll have a peony, calla lillies, baby's breath, poppies, daisies, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, oregano, parsley, and basil to transplant in a month. Is it weird to love little plants? Alright, then I'm weird. Every little green shoot just rivets me in its miracle, like watching a calf being born and stand, all knock-kneed.

My shamrock has recovered from her starved existance under Wal-Mart's flourescent lights just in time for St. Paddy's Day.

Speaking of shamrocks and all things Irish, I HAVE A TICKET TO IRELAND! My un-biological bro, Gideon, and his Irish darling are getting married in July, and I really and truly am going!

Lucky me. 


Rosina Fisher said...

woohoo for growy things!
come visit my hothouse. it's full of growy things. (i don't have enough room to plant them all.)

Lanita said...

Yup. Lucky you. I'll see you there. ;)