Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FBCS Class of '11

Nights are cooler, skies are more brilliant, and summer is slipping away.

Fall can mean only one thing for this incredible group of people. High school is truly a chapter closed. I wonder if they will feel a bit wistful. But I know they will remember the accomplishment, excitement, and the promise of a wide open future that they felt on their graduation last spring. Mine was the fun of capturing their energy, their maturity, their love for each other, and their desperation to live for God.

So... to the FBCS Class of '11...

You are loved, believed in,


talented and full of some crazy potential.


Keep celebrating this truth: God will finish the good work He has begun in you
and is applauding your accomplishments along the way.

Spending one evening with you bolstered my faith in the Kingdom of God that is here, alive,
and at work transforming our world. Thank you!

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