Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things I'm Learning

Truth isn't always found in the corners of logic, although truth contains logic. 

No matter the issue... political or non-... SOMEONE'S life, 

in very personal, 

very vulnerable ways, 

is labeled for other people to discuss with no regard for 

their experience or emotions. 

We learn best from people when we know we're equal to them 

and cared about by them. 

Even controversial conversations are important, 

but no one was ever argued into the Kingdom... or much else. 

Relationships are where the best, 

most important, 

and most life-giving conversations happen.


Linda Miller said...

You speak as one who understands grace. The more I believe and live in the grace that God longs to pour into the depth of my soul, the more I can extend grace to those around me. How does that look? Like the very things you just spoke of. Kindness, nonjudgmental, caring for hurting hearts, relationships where people feel safe to talk from the heart. Living out of grace is humbling, but such a free place.
Linda Miller

Rosanne said...

Yes...true. You make me think deeply. I'm so glad you're blogging again, my beautiful friend. I. Miss. You!!

Shari Zook said...

So good to read your stuff again. So loved hearing more of the story of your crash, and the things you're learning along the way. So happy for you and Ryan. So fun seeing you back in town again, dressed pretty and eating ice cream at DQ. :) Love, Shari

Becca said...

I've received a lot of grace, Linda. I hope I do give it. "...Humbling, but such a free place." You said it perfectly.

Becca said...

Rosanne, you dear girl. Have I mentioned lately how much you encourage me? I miss YOU.

Becca said...

Shari, your comments always make me feel so honored. Yes, DQ was FUN. I can't tell you how ecstatic I am to be venturing out again and being with people like yourself!