Friday, December 19, 2008


Home for two weeks! What a luxury! So far I haven't done much except eat, sleep, hang out with my adorable sisters, and hold the darling dog. Little things are so much fun and hugely precious when you have not had the opportunity to do them for a while... hearing Candace say "I'm not sure what that really means, but that's OK", talking with my parents about situations I'm facing... Carol showing off her latest aced Math test, reading "Alice in Wonderland" to Lori, and brushing Kelsey's teeth before she goes to bed. (In the event of your lack of observation, grammar is subjective to rambling, disjointed thoughts.) Oh, yes. I did do some other things too. I visited school today. It was just a little weird to walk into the building and not have ownership of the second grade classroom! In some ways it seemed as though I could easily have been there the entire year... but so much has changed, for me and for them... last year seems a long time ago. Three months seems a long time ago. It warmed my heart to be showered with hugs and smiles and to hear kids tell each other, "Miss Yoder's here!" Candace says she's gasping for air. I think she might require my assistance. [and i grin gleefully ;)] This should be fun.

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