Thursday, December 25, 2008

my Christmas

How can we celebrate joy
And peace on earth
When the only joy we know
Is not even mere happiness
And the peace we love
Is only ignoring fear

The angels came, proclaiming peace
So we grasp this promise
Hold it tight in our fists
For our protection
And hate and murder those
Who threaten it

Beautiful things, given by God
To give away, and find joy in sacrifice
We hoard, exploit
And rob humanity for more
Love, gifts, and all things beautful
Lie in shards at our unhappy feet

Jesus, in our emptiness
Will You return again?
To wise men that seek You
Peace, oh God!
Upon this earth
Across the borders that separate humanity
And demand an offering of blood
Across groaning lands held in the grip
Of oppression and death
Will You please return
And bring the peace and joy
We can't give ourselves?

... and so i sat
in thought and anguish
until the sky deepened
into brilliant setting
the first stars of evening
shimmered against it
and Jesus came to be with me
ME! just one of this mess
peace and joy came at His presence
and He bade me
be His messenger

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