Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Conversation with the Shepherd

I love being in Your arms
Or following close to Your side
Never outside the reach
Of your loving eyes
Guiding hands

What about them?
They're in the canyon
Where the wild things live
My heart pounds in fear
They'll be destroyed

I know Yours does, too
I can feel it
Why don't You drag them out
Instead of calling?
They aren't listening

Um, Shepherd?
It's because You love them
More than You fear Your own heartbreak?
Teach me how to love like that
Can You pick me up
So I can know we grieve together?


Rosanne said...
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Rosanne said...

Oh, leave me wordless again...I feel the heartbeat.

And I miss you immensely.

Anonymous said...

love it becca!!! --rmn