Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lisa [ii]

She is Lisa.

She is confident.

She laughs when I say scandalous funny things. 

She possesses depths of heart.
She is grounded in her love for God.

She is beautiful.

She is my friend.

I am honored.

Funny, how "friend" does little to convey all the mountains and valleys two people have walked together.

Funny, how one's "friend" can give you the confidence and courage when you kinda really need it.

Funny, how God manifests His love and presence through people who love Him.

Lisa is one of those people. 

...and she graduates from Faith Builders this Friday! Congrats, Lisa... you deserve the very best.


Carla said...

Beautiful words for a beautiful woman. That second to last picture is my favorite. I am stumped by your location.

Becca said...

We were at one of my favorite cathedrals in Lancaster City... the week before I moved. :)