Thursday, May 13, 2010

today is thursday

that is a happy fact. because it is thursday, tomorrow is friday. because tomorrow is friday, tomorrow is my last day of training this week. sitting in training classes for seven to eight hours a day is somewhat similar to trying to drink out of a fire hydrant. not that i ever tried. the trainers do a great job of making all the information and regulations relevant, but trying to absorb all that info - while knowing i'm legally held to following it - is somewhat strenuous. one more week of training, then i go back to work. i absolutely cannot wait. i worked two shifts last weekend before training started this week. upon hearing my phoned synopsis, my dad remarked, "sounds like you got your dream job." indeed.

i love the fact that our house has a mail slot. all of our mail comes flying in and lands on the little antique table in the entryway. i feel cultured every time i get mail... which i did today! both get mail and feel cultured, that is. the feeling cultured evaporated upon my emitting a squeal when i realized one envelope contained the dearest letter from one of my dear club girls... the very one who has been a bit heavy on my heart and the subject of many talks with our good Father. her letter entirely warmed my heart. my girls are in lancaster and i'm here... that's The Thing.

another happy thing is having my own house. i'm having fun sprouting rice that should be ready for dinner tomorrow evening, hanging things on the walls, and hosting friends. now that the danger of severe frost is (hopefully) past, i can plant the tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and herbs i raised from seed (as in, as soon as i get off this computer!). so much satisfaction in such little things. the only bitter drop in the joy of domestic activities is that no one is here to enjoy them with me... but only a month and a few weeks until bekah moves in. yay!

upon reading this post, i have one observation: prose is ponderous. it does little to convey the richness of the music of today. oh, well. i wanted to give you all a little window into it, so be consoled that i'm doing well. :)


Anita said...

I always enjoy your words. I'd say prose is better than silence. =)
And I agree--few people are meant to do the house-keeping/moving thing alone. Here's wishing you lovely moments of solitude!

Becca said...

Thanks, Anita! :)
The solitude has been both lovely and lonely... but God is in both...

Rosanna said...

Wow, a mail slot. . . We lived in a house once upon a time that had a slot but the mail landed on the floor. We thought it was the coolest thing to see it come flyin through the door.
And I agree with Anita. I love your prose. I'm getting more and more excited about having a space of my own and I think I'm going to be getting my dream job too, so much sooner than I expected. Blessings as you give your all. So happy for you and your dream job. Go for it, girl!

Becca said...

Oh, Rosanna! I'm SO HAPPY for you!

Thanks for the encouragement... and for sharing my last few moments in Lancaster! :)