Thursday, July 29, 2010

Projects of Late

It all started with a trip to Home Depot for an extension cord for the lights I strung on my back porch. I peeked into the garden section "just to look", and somehow I left with everything I needed to turn the area beside my back steps from this:

to this:

I love it so much that I can barely stand leaving it at home by itself when I go away. ;) From left to right, may I introduce Black-eyed Susans, Lavender, Carnations, Daylilies, and Coral Bells? The antique window I got off Craigslist last winter, the old rake was in the garage, and the little lantern I hung on the rake I got at an unknown thrift store, circa 2006.

When the lavender blooms, it's going to look so French-cottage-y. 

Other finds and projects of late:

I took this mirror home from Salvation Army and heeded its plea to cover its gilded embarrassment with ivory spray-paint. She was so grateful, she now makes my tiny hallway a much nicer place to be.

After seeing an outdoor chandelier made from a wire basket on, I've been wanting to make one for my back porch. While re-arranging things in the garage, I found a box of stuff left by previous tenants. The box contained a touchlamp shade, minus the glass. I had a metal candle plate that perfectly fit the base when I turned it upside-down, so I bent the tabs up to hold it in place. The natural-colored cord I had on hand worked fine for hanging it, and the pendants are earrings I found in the clearance aisle of Walmart.

Eating at the table beneath it is even more fun than before. :)

Does anyone know what this flower is?

It bloomed of its own accord in my backyard. I didn't mind in the least. Might it be a sort of poppy? The multiple petals are fringed, giving it a happy pompom-type of bloom.  I hope they re-seed themselves and come back next year!


Anita said...

I esp. love the wire candle holder! Lovely scavenging job. =)

Djur i bur said...

What a lovely mirror! / Sara