Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Tale of the Great Snow

Once upon a time, in a darling house in a darling town, 
there lived three girls. 
The girls loved all seasons, but could not wait until winter.
"Because," they said, "what is more enchanting than snow?"

Finally, winter came.
Snow began to fall, sifting silently from the sky.
The sky was white and low, the air was thick with snowflakes, 
and the ground grew as white and clean as a new handkerchief. 

The snow poured down for a whole week, piling higher

and higher.

It blanketed their roof.

It buried their porch.

It covered their flowerbeds.

It made their driveway disappear.

For several days, the girls dug out their cars with their hands and feet 
when they went to work 
and plowed into the snow as best as their cars could when they came home...

...because, you see, they had no snow shovel.

Finally, the day came when the snow was too deep to plow into with their cars.
They went to the store to buy a shovel.

When they got home, they could not park in the driveway.
They could not park on the road.
The snowplows would hit their cars.

And then the girls had an idea.
A terribly wonderful idea.

The neighbor man wasn't home.
He hadn't been, for weeks and weeks.
He wouldn't be back for more weeks and weeks.
His friend keept his driveway open, but they did not know why. 
No one ever used it.

"We can park in his driveway!" they said.
Just for a few hours, until we can park in ours.
And so they did.

They went into the house to warm themselves and change into 
Snow-Shoveling Clothes.
When they came back outside, this is what they saw.

Signs! Two signs.
One in front of each car.

"This is not good!" the girls declared (once they had stopped laughing).
"We do not want to bother our neighbor's friend!"

So they started shoveling, and guess what they found?

Their driveway was still there, under all that snow!

And so, they put their cars where they belonged.
Ebony (which was Becca's car) was very relieved to be where she belonged. 

But already the snow had begun to cover her again.


Lanita said...

She makes a jealous face. Send some of it to Lancaster!

Grammy Blick said...

And send some down to a dry (though cold) north Texas! Just surfed by and enjoyed your story. I also follow the carpenter, though I stumble a bit along His way. May God continue to bless you.

Carla said...

Hilarious! I went out last night and attacked the polar bear across the road. What do you know, it was actually my car. Unlike you, my neighbors came out with a snowblower and shovel and gave me a hand.