Friday, April 20, 2012

no comeback

My co-worker Mark and I had a lot of filing to do while the kids slept. As in, a stack of paper a few inches thick. After sorting it out with each client's papers in a stack, we proceeded. Almost done, Mark pointed to a stack of paper sitting somewhat aloof and asked, "Is that a person?"

He meant, of course, "Is that a person's pile?" As opposed to, say, duplicate copies to be shredded. Just to be facetious and because he appreciates dry humor, I replied, "No, Mark. It's a stack of paper."

"What makes you sure?"

"It's flat and white."

"My brother-in-law is flat and white."

I couldn't think of a comeback due to gasping with laughter, but he kept on with a perfect monotone:

"It's true. He's so thin and has such a big head that I call him Mr. Earthworm. I don't think he appreciates it as much as I do."

(I laugh so much at work.)


Johanna said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Audrey said...

It's great if you can laugh at work

Casey Sean Harmon said...

Funny! It's great to be able to laugh and have fun at work. Makes work seem not so "workish." lol Thanks for sharing! When you get a second, please visit my blog "Writer/Soldier" and follow if you are interested! CSH