Tuesday, May 22, 2012

dance of daughters

Over a latte and an espresso macchiato, she and I, respectively, painted with words the dance we try to learn. Femininity, role, gender, equality, dream, freedom, responsibility... God. All that and me. And her. The steps we learn, the toes we step on, the embarrassments we make, the slippers we lose, the twirls in which we exult.

Sometimes silence is most wise, but sometimes it is only easy comatose. That is no conclusion, but perhaps it will guide the dance.

"Cultures in which women have not found their voice, or are silenced, are scary places. They do not produce good men." That's what my dad says.

Maybe, when we are old, the lines in our faces will sketch the pattern of a woman shaped in the likeness of her God. Yes. That's why we engage this push and give, this question and peace.


Rosina Lapp said...

yes and yes.
this question & this peace.

Marlene Stoltzfus said...

Well articulated.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure yet if I should comment on someone's blog if I don't know them IRL.. and since I am not yet brave enough myself to have one.. but several of your last posts just catch me in the heart, I can't really say what my heart wants to say. So in this one I am commenting and just saying yes, oh yes, this dance, this to have Jesus etched in us as old women.

I also have no idea of your dad's story, but your 9th paragraph on your last post about what he says now, I just catch my breath again, and say Jesus, HOW did you know I needed to hear that?... OK this isn't coming out right... hopefully a wee bit of my heart comes out in the fumbling... :)


Anonymous said...

I was also going to give you a little bit of an idea who I am so as not to freak you, then got carried away again with thinking when I commented... :) I am from Hutchinson, KS and I am not sure where you are located, that's fine!, but I thought you may know Wendell and Jeanene... Jeanene is my hubby's first cousin, and they are very good friends of ours. I also saw you mentioned Clair and Anna, and part of growing up I lived in PA and knew and loved Anna the bit I learned to know. :)

Becca said...

Sherilyn, thanks for being brave enough to comment! It's a huge honor to hear from people who don't know me "in real life", and therefore have no obligation to comment. :)

If your felt like you were fumbling, you must be very articulate. :) My dad's story is much more difficult that I would choose, but he is only more wise and amazing because of it. The fact that you connected makes me want to hear YOURS.

I know Wendell and Jeanene by sight, but not very well at all. I don't think they would remember me. But if you loved Anna, I know I'd like you! :) Clairs' are dear friends of mine, and I had the immense blessing of living with them a few years ago.

It's really an amazing experience to know my little writings connect with people, so thanks again for tell me that they did!

Heather Kuhns said...

love the quote from your dad