Monday, May 28, 2012

mirror, mirror (bulletin board)

Once upon a time, there was a mirror. She was ghastly. So gold and gaudy that whenever light struck her, she projected shadows instead of casting her own. Outdated and shamed, she sat in a thrift store.

Of course you know what happens next in these stories. She was seen, carried, and taken home with great rejoicing. She was given a new coat of paint, which made her frame look like lace. Proudly she hung in a spot all her own on the living room wall.

Until tragedy struck.

A broom, innocently set against the wall by the person who had cared for her, slid down the wall. It all happened so fast. She tried to hold onto her anchoring nail, but the fatal blow had been dealt. She crashed to the hard, cruel floor.

Her heart was broken.

So was her face.

She remembered no more. 

Only a few pictures impressed themselves on her delirium. Vaguely, she felt pulled and poked. 

(Narrator's note: the surgeon was too lazy to cut two pieces of cork to fit the entire frame, so she bandaged the gaping wound with lace.)

(Another narrator's note: Sharon, do you recognize a few things?) :) 

Today, our brave little mirror is not a mirror any more. But she is back in her very own spot on the living room wall, happier than ever. Her new life has just begun. 


Johanna said...

Funny, I have a broken mirror waiting to be transformed on my backporch!

Anita said...

Last week in several ESL classes, I did a "How Brave Are You" quiz with my students. One question was 'Would you break a mirror on purpose?' I said yes, I would. Now I would for sure. =)

Rosanne said...

I like very much! :)

Shari said...

I love redemption stories. And she looks Beautiful!

Jenny-Chi said...

nice post. :)

Audrey said...

You know that reminds me of what Christ does for us! :-) What a lovely story.