Wednesday, October 27, 2010


out the window
the house across the street
went sliding past

a leaf
flaming yellow
fell up instead of down

everything's wrong
for a moment
i couldn't stop it

until my head
stopped spinning
and i was still sitting on the couch

a deep breath
focusing eyes
stopping thoughts

i wish that's all
it took for me
to put your world back to rights

the chasms behind your eyes
your voice gone husky
your smile you wish was real

that's what makes me never sleep
spend hours forbidding them to touch you
trying to buy you with my tears

and yet you go willingly
knowing your fate
drawn, in fascinated horror

how can i teach you
to love yourself
half as much as i do?

how can i turn to rubble
walls a hammer
passes through, not penetrating?

i tell you all the time
i wish i could save you
but i can't

you decide for yourself
i can't decide for you
my hands are bound


Lanita said...

Blessing, Becca. I was thinking of you today as I sat eating a Kauffman's fruit farm apple from our local grocery store. :)

Josh said...

Powerful. I regularly read poetry to my students. I hope it's okay if I shared this with them.

Becca said...

Thanks, Lanita! That's exactly what I miss about my old job... the wonderful fruit. :)

Go right ahead, Josh! I'm honored.

Anita said...

I like this alot. And the one following! Thanks for letting us peek into what happens when your muse visits you.