Friday, October 22, 2010

Love is...

How can we be sure of anything

the tide changes.

The wind that made the grain wave gently yesterday

blows down the trees tomorrow.

And the sea sends sailors crashing on the rocks,

as easily as it guides them safely home.

I love the sea

but it doesn’t make me less afraid of it

I love you

but I’m not always sure of what you are

or how you feel.
-Rod McKuen

Vulnerable, frightening, and painful. That's what love can be.

But love is also the friend who wakes up when you come shivering home from work early, nauseated and feverish. Love is the warmth of the two blankets she covers you with and the nourishment of the chicken bone both soup she makes you before going back to bed herself.

Thanks, Bekah. You're an angel.

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Bekah said...

Aw shucks...

Anytime, honey child!