Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recent Living-Room Scene

Bekah: "I need a pen [as in the writing instrument]."
Me: "Well, you could pretend you're sitting in one. The living room walls are the edges of the pen."
Bekah: [after a long look] "Well, how will I get out?"
Me: "The door?"
Bekah: "A hole-punch, a hole-punch! Oh, my KINGDOM for a pole-hunch. What the world is a pole-hunch?"
Me: [having regained speech] "I'd get you a pen, but that would mean I'd have to sit up."
Me: [managing to leave the couch, walking out of the living room] "I just love U2 (the band). I'm sorry, but I do."
Me: [re-entering the living room, from the doorway throwing the pen like a dart. dart neatly misses Bekah's mouth because she ducks. it hits her above the heart.]
Bekah: "Hey, watch it! I'm going to need that someday. Maybe not now, but someday it might be nice."
Me: "We really should record our conversations when we're in these moods. We say some pretty priceless things."
Bekah: "Maybe we only think they are funny because we are in these moods."
Me: "No, I bet anyone with a sense of humor remotely close to ours would appreciate it."

And so we re-constructed the conversation for your evaluation. Word-for-word.


Melanie said...

I appreciated it. I laughed. Encore, encore!

Lynell said...

Yes, I definitely appreciated it! You go, ladies! :)

Virginia said...

I'm quite sure that you are somehow related to my sister and me. Quite. While I try to figure out how that could be possible, I sit here laughing. Thanks for the re-construction!

virginia said...

i most certainly appreciate it