Monday, November 15, 2010

Sticky words week

Some poems and passages stick to the sides of your soul like good, whole-wheat bread "sticks to your ribs". Months and even years after you first read them, they roll about in your brain and make their way down into your heart.

This week, I plan to introduce to you some of my favorite "sticky" pieces. One every day.

Martin Luther starts us off:

"No man is so high or may rise so high
that he need not fear becoming the lowliest.

Conversely, no one has fallen, or may fall,
so deeply as to preclude all hope of becoming the highest.

By saying: 'The first shall be last'
Christ takes all presumption away from you and forbids you
to exalt yourself above any prostitute,
even though you were Abraham, David, Peter, or Paul.

But by saying: 'The last shall be first' He guards you
against all despair and forbids you to cast yourself 
under the feet of any saint, even though
you were Pilate, Heord, Sodom and Gomorrah."

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rmn said...

looking forward to hearing your "stick to your ribs" thoughts. I sure needed to hear these!