Sunday, November 1, 2009

calves and other stuff i miss

I just might get addicted to hanging out with my friend Miriam at her work. :) I took her pictures this afternoon and then went along to the farm where she works. Feeding calves again was so much fun! I'm still very much a farm girl at heart, I guess. I am entirely impressed with the farm set-up and calf facilities. The calves themselves are too cute to be true. Fine genetics and proper care and nutrition show.

This is the "I'm desperate to suck on something" look.

I happily obliged.

This, my friends, is a perfect dairy specimen. The sawdust on the nose is to be expected. She's just a baby, you must understand.

Whoever said "curiousity killed the cat" must have never known a cow.

 I got to bottle-feed these itty babies.

Is anything more satisfying than watching a whole row of calves eat? Um, they WERE eating.

A perfect Sunday.


RMN said...

Love seeing another side of you. Had to laugh at your comment about the cows being more curious than cows. Who is your friend Miriam? Ie, would I know her?

Becca said...

it's funny. even though it's been a while since i've lived on a farm, it's still such a part of me that i can hardly imagine that people don't really know me that way. :)

do you know sam & mattie, who are in kenya? mim is mattie's sister. i'm not sure if you'd know her or not.