Tuesday, November 24, 2009

more sistas

Oh, mercy. I finally have these pictures edited, two months after I took them. I introduced my four youngest sisters in an earlier post and posted Eldon & Rosey's engagement pictures, but I don't think most of you have ever met my only older sister, Abby.
Rosey, Candace, and Abby

A Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


josh said...

[category shift taking place]. thats really cool the pictures and sisters and all but im wondering...is that all (9) or will you unearth some more in future? perhaps a stash of brothers or something? (pardon the format/wording of the questions). i guess i just always assumed that its just you and your younger sisters. way cool!

Becca said...

no stash of brothers to unearth. ;) [your terminology evokes great mental pitures!]and there are only seven of us. sorry, confusing post. i'm second-oldest. abby is a year older than i, and rosey is two years younger. then are candace, carol, lori, and kelsey.