Thursday, August 5, 2010

A little table with your coffee?

A birdbath for my back yard. 
That's what I've wanted. 
But, of course, I wanted something less expensive and more creative than the predictable white plastic.
I thought I could use a large planter base for the top, if only I could find a base.

A little table at my favorite coffee shop, Artist's Cup Cafe, caught my eye more than a year ago.
Sure, the gold was a bit ghastly, but its style was adorably French. I was just a bit jealous.

Yesterday, to escape the heat and humidity, Bekah and I went to Artist's Cup for smoothies.
A blended mocha for me, thanks. Some concoctions were just meant to be.

Bekah noticed the little French table siting in a corner. Its ceramic top had been broken.

I know a scavenging opportunity when I see one.

The cafe owner is a sweet lady who always talks to regulars like me and makes the coffee shop feel like a family of sorts, drawn in from the sidewalks by the warmth of human company, art, and (of course) phenomenal coffee.
I could work up enough courage to ask her if I could buy the broken table.

"Just take it! On one condition... don't bring it back." 

Who walks into a coffee shop for a drink and comes out with a free table? 
What can I say? ;)

Back home, I immediately took Miss Too-Golden 

for a visit to The Graveyard. It's behind the shed, where the grass that barely grows there is usually covered by a fine mist of paint.

A coat of spray primer followed by satin-finish ivory spray paint
a $6 planter base from Home Depot

I'm still debating whether or not to paint the terra-cotta planter base.
 Pretty sweet birdbath for $6, no?

All the more reason to love Artist's Cup Cafe.
As if I needed a reason.


Angela said...

Im so jealous you got that adorable table for free! turning it into a bird bath was very clever.

Ive been wanting one. That gives me some new ideas for my own version of one!

Carla said...

I love seeing the way you transform junk into beauty.