Saturday, August 28, 2010


Working on the weekends can be boring, so this morning I've been trying to finalize plans for the next five years of my life. I'm serious. My excited resource huntings started waning in velocity a few hours ago and tiredness set in. Tiredness was soon followed by a gray nothing-is-going-to-work-out-and-the-whole-world-is-a-nasty-place-to-be feeling. Call me a melancholic. I know I'm a melancholic. Thankfully, my analysis system kicked in and I realized that I couldn't breathe very well. Current hypothesis is that my usually dormant asthma is having a heyday with the new varnish on the staff desk, limiting the oxygen flow to my brain, triggering symptoms of tiredness and depression. So glad they're having fun.

I'm chortling over the fact that just knowing what is making me feel gray makes me feel better. The sunrise over the rising mist in the east combined with the grand discovery of an unopened pack of animal crackers sure isn't hurting.

It's almost official that I'll be beginning my quest for a BA at Edinboro University next fall. The only unofficial part is the fact that I haven't yet been accepted. Because Edinboro is located a convenient twenty minutes north, I can continue to reside at Place de la Concorde and my work. Also convenient is the fact that they offer excellent programs in the fields of my interest: psychology and art. With a psych major and an art minor, maybe I'll score a job as an art therapist someday.
I like when dreams solidify into plans. I also like that I only have two hours left to bask in the aura of this varnish.

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