Tuesday, September 14, 2010


 This is Amanda. As I write this, I have just finished drinking a milkshake she made me. I like having her live here. :) 

The "beautiful inside and out" tag is a bit cliche, but it is true of Amanda.

She is a geriatric LPN and just started working for her RN degree, then plans to earn her BA. 
I listen to her work stories, and I tell her I hope I have a caretaker like her when I'm old and decrepit.

She is caring,




and just pretty much cute. 

She, Bekah, and I had fun shooting these downtown. "Fun" is usually an understatement when all three of us do things. Shooting without a tripod when you're laughing is just difficult. :) 

After paying due respect to the stunning churches in Diamond Park, we, jaywalking chronically, traversed the block-or-so to Artist's Cup for smoothies, mochas, and couches. 

Oh, and a piano for Amanda.

The barista joked that they charge per note, but I am of the opinion SHE could charge. :)

I think the little point-and-shoot camera I used did quite well. 
Someday, I want one of these...

As in, WANT. Badly. But... it wouldn't pay for itself as I'm only amateur... and I'll have school expenses starting next year... 

But dreams are free. :)

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Anonymous said...

I miss the both two of ya. - Bessie