Monday, September 27, 2010

Thoughts on Generosity from Erwin McManus

There is a poverty that kills generosity, but it is never economic.

While the greedy see the world with limited resources, the generous always operate from an abundance mentality. The greedy take to ensure that they will never be without; the generous give without fear.

The generous invest their lives in the prosperity of others. It isn't simply that the generous are unconcerned for their own lives and well-being; it is that they have discovered an unexpected secret: Life is most enjoyed when we give ourselves away.

The generous give more than their things; they genuinely give themselves. In the most marvelous of ways, those who give most freely live most freely.

Generosity is the natural overflow of love. Love not only expands our hearts, but increases our capacity to give of ourselves.

You are both indebted and made free by a generous giver.

Generosity flows in so many directions. Few investments are as important as our time. How many father have lost their sons when they were generous with their resources and yet were never there for them? 

You can never underestimate the importance of being generous with praise. A person's self-esteem can be nurtured through encouragement and crippled through continuous criticism. 

Generosity creates an environment for emotional health. Those who have had the privilege to grow under the nourishment of someone who is truly generous reap immeasurable benefit. 

[The generous] know Jesus to be the greatest lover who ever lived. 

Do we treat people as objects to be used or gifts to be treasured?

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